The Singapura has been described as active, curious and playful, as well as mischievous, loving, and absolutely doting in a way similar to dogs. They are affectionate, have a strong need for attention, and desire human interaction.
The Singapura is one of the smallest breeds of cats, with moderately stocky and muscular build, and a very short and fine coat. The large, slightly pointed and deep cupped ears together with the large almond-shaped eyes are characteristics of the breed. The tail is slender, slightly shorter than the length of the body and has a blunt tip.




The Singapura cat was developed by Tommy and Hal Meadows. History says it was "discovered" by Tommy Meadows and her husband while living in Singapore, but Tommy was an established Abyssinian and Burmese breeder. While living there, they acquired three street cats that they brought back to the States with them. They named the three Tess, Ticle and Puss. They claimed that the three brown-ticked cats were native Singaporean "drain cats", whose small stature was due to generations of living in storm drains, and began promoting a new breed called the Singapura.
The Singapura is an American man-made breed, and it has already be proven that the Burmese has been used in the making of this little breed.

There are two groups of breeders when it comes to the Singapura
 - those who believe it is a natural breed, and those who believe it is a man-made breed -

The Singapura have a very small gene pool, and those who believe that it is a natural breed (purist) do not want an outcross for this breed. Since it has been proven that the Burmese was used in this breed, I think it's terrible that there is not an outcross for the Singapura. This would help the breed with its health problems, and so many breeders would not have to hide behind closed doors with their outcross breeding programs.
In the cat world there is no such thing as a purist!