Gracie came to me from Catera Cattery. As a previous owner of Russian Blues,
I know how precious this breed is. Gracie is so much more than I expected: petite, quiet, and the sweetest companion I could ask for. She has the playfulness of a kitten, is loving and affectionate, and in my lap or by my side constantly. Gracie was well-socialized and loved which made the transition into her forever home with me especially easy. Gracie is a treasure, and I love her dearly. Barbara, thank you for my little girl. She's added so much to my life!

Love to you my new friend, Karen




Thank you so much for my beautiful baby boy “Angel”.

Not only does Angel have the most perfect Russian Blue physical appearance, but he also has a purrfect personality! He is so affectionate and lovable - which makes me know he came from a loving environment with good socialization. My little purr-machine…I’ve never known such an affectionate cat. Smart too- he came to me totally comfortable with using the litter box, and he loves using his scratchy posts. Such a good boy.

Also thank you for answering all my questions...even the silly ones :)
Much love from your new friend Eva in Los Angeles xo


Hi Barbara,

This is Samaa, I brought home one of your beautiful kittens in September.
Here are pics of him! As you can see, he loves dozing in the Sun. Hope he doesn't burn all his fur off, lol!

He is trained to use the human toilet! So he pees and poos in there, but I check his poo before flushing to make sure it's healthy, haha. He is VERY intelligent, we're afraid one day he is going to figure out how to open the treat cabinet. He is truly amazing. And so gorgeous! My family just cannot get over his cuteness!

He is a wonderful, amazing addition to my family's life and we cannot imagine a world without him. We are forever grateful to you for raising him well and making him such a fantastic companion. He is perfect and so loving. It's hard to describe how he makes me feel but he is my baby, I love him sooooo much.
And it really is all thanks to your love and passion for these beautiful creatures.
(Feel free to use this as a testimonial, it's the least I can do!).

Take care, hope your kitties are doing well!