Meet Barbara

Hi, my name is Barbara Lydiate. I live in a small town about fifteen miles north of Montgomery, Alabama, with my husband Eric, and our two dogs Millie, a blonde Labrador, and Max, a Chihuahua. I started breeding and showing Russian Blues about 20 years ago. They were my first love, and today they are still my most loved breed.

The Russian Blue is a shy cat, but at home you could not ask for more devoted pet. They are loving, they get along with children, and I have found my Russians to get along with other cats as well. Most breeders will say that you cannot let two stud boys live together. Well, my Russian boy lived with my Singapura boy, and they loved each other.

I have also been breeding Singapuras for 17 years, but stopped breeding them for 3 years as there were too many health problems within this breed. I had been collaborating with a few close breeders of Singapuras and we worked very hard, even importing Singapuras from Europe in the hopes to improve the health of these beautiful cats. But the imports only added to their health problems, and there is no outcross to work with. So, after losing a countless number of kittens and mothers, most of us stopped with the breed. Some persisted, however, and I am lucky to have a very good friend who continued to work very hard over the last few years with her Singas. Granted, not all of the health problems are gone, but she has been able to breed great diversity into her lines. The Singapura is a breed that I am very passionate about, along with my Russians. So here I am, back with my little Singas too. It just wasn't the same around here without them.

Here at Catera Cattery, Russian Blues and Singapura are raised with a great deal of love and care. I am as concerned about their health and personalities as I am with their beauty. My goal and reason for breeding is to maintain and improve the breeds, and to provide you with a delightful addition to your home for many years to come.



Acknowledgements & Special Thanks

I'd like to acknowledge and extend a special thanks to the following people:

Dave and Karen Boyce for giving me a very pretty Russian Blue girl, and to
Ed Manning, former TICA all breed judge and Southeast Regional Director, for mentoring me in a difficult outcross program for my Singapuras. I could not have done this without his help.

Thank you for visiting my web site!



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