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I am sold, and going to live in Canada






Living with Sir Kiska, Peter and Julie in FL





The Pointed Russian Blue

A Pointed Russian Blue is born to two Russian Blues that are carrying the pointed gene.
After World War II had wiped out most of the Russian Blue Catteries
and decimated the breed's gene pool, breeders needed to find a viable out-cross
to restore the genetic diversity and save the breed.
Two choices for this out-crossing were the British Shorthair for the dense coat,
and the Blue Point Siamese for its hardiness.
Adding the pointed gene to the Russian Blue gene pool will still, to this day,
occasionally result in one or two Pointed Russian Blues born in a litter of Blues.
Pointed Russian Blues are every bit like their blue-coated siblings,
only with a pointed coat and blue eyes.

Sir Kiska

Sir Kiska now lives with Peter and Julie Tew


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